Purgatoryís Last Massage Parlor


I was rested up and looking good

With my George Jones T-shirt right off the rack

I was holding out for Hollywood

Hoping it would come get me, maybe take me back

But looking on it now I know I was just a kid

And I have to face the Fact


I was building miniatures inside of a brain

Thatís shrunken to the point itís forgotten the pain

Of sinking in the buckets and collecting the rain in my heart

Are you feeling okay?


Oh just fine, yes oh so swell

Iíve been reinventing the elements of the plane

And feeling okay


So come on down. Knock me around again

Itís on your way. Itís just another day

Going away from me. Start the violins

And if youíre so happy and you feel it

Clap your hands


But you say poets, lovers, and men like me never heal

We like riding in the middle and copping feels

And spending all of our lives spinning our wheels

So how does it feel? Iím feeling okay.


Thereís nothing much to do in purgatory today

Looks like it might rain, but who knows?

Iím standing here in line, trying to change my fate

But Iím always too late, and the parlor is always closed.